Research Associate
2023 - present
Scientific Database System The rapid evolution of scientific research, characterized by increasingly complex experiments and voluminous data, necessitates the development of robust scientific database systems. These systems are pivotal in managing, storing, and processing large-scale, heterogeneous datasets, enabling researchers to uncover novel insights across various scientific disciplines. This work presents a comprehensive overview of the current state and future directions of scientific database systems, highlighting their unique requirements, design considerations, and the challenges they face.
Lead Developer
2017 - present
BORA Personalized collaBORAtive data display. [Github](
  • Poster at Heika 2023
  • Poster at MT 2023
Lead Developer
2016 - present
WAVE Web-based Analysis and Visualization of Volumes. [Github](
  • Tan Jerome, N., Chilingaryan, S., Shkarin, A., Kopmann, A., Zapf, M., Lizin, A., & Bergmann, T. (2017, February). WAVE: A 3D Online Previewing Framework for Big Data Archives. In VISIGRAPP (3: IVAPP) (pp. 152-163).
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